More about Noya

and Her Way of Teaching

I have been teaching Hebrew intensively for 8 years, starting as a teacher at a private Ulpan for 3 years. Afterward, I opened my own Hebrew school and since, have been giving private and group Hebrew lessons for students of all levels and backgrounds, using my personal method and approach. 
I am always available to my students. My care and support don't end when the lesson is over. In addition to being there for them, when they need any kind of help with getting by in Israel, I always encourage my students to text me, if they have ANY kind of question in/about Hebrew, and I happily assist in the best way I can.
The environment in my lessons is very warm, encouraging, comfortable and friendly, and at the same time, extremely professional.
It is always my top priority, that each student gets absolutely the most out of their lessons with me, and achieve their goals effectively, while enjoying the process. I am highly creative and sensitive, and I use this to tailor the lessons personally and meticulously to each student, to perfectly fit their needs.
I am extremely patient and incredibly passionate about teaching and about the Hebrew language. 
My students build self-confidence because of my approach and the useful tools they acquire in our lessons. It is always a pleasure to hear about their new experiences of talking Hebrew to more and more people, and understanding a lot more out there.
My vision is to create, together with my students, a new generation of Hebrew learners, that speak like native speakers.
I hope you join :)

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