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Learning With UlpaNoya

Learning with UlpaNoya

One on One Lessons - Online

(All lessons are via Zoom)

Learning online allows you to take your lessons from anywhere in the world. From the comfort of your own home, office or other quiet and private space, investing your time, money and energy only in learning, and not in traveling or finding parking space.

​In our lessons, all the focus is on you, your strong and weak points, your difficulties, what interests you, suits you the best, and is most beneficial for you.

The emphasis in the lessons is on improving conversational skills and expanding vocabulary, mostly through active conversations.

While practicing your speaking skills and listening comprehension is top priority, we will also learn and practice anything that supports that: The verb system, prepositions, reading and writing, pronunciation and more.

Each lesson is meticulously planned, to suit your specific needs and goals, and linked to the previous one, so there is always a sense of continuity and structure.

We will be learning and using what I call- "Israeli"- The everyday Hebrew, spoken by Israelis.

("proper"/formal Hebrew is available to you as well, and is always there, in the background).

Within this process, in the vast majority of cases, self-confidence is built naturally and almost automatically, and as a result, most students start speaking more and more in their everyday lives, understanding more, and feeling more comfortable with using Hebrew.

If you are a beginner, we will first go through a very well planned and structured program I have developed, to give you all the basic essentials for a solid foundation.

During the lesson, which is 60 minutes long, new words and expressions that come up, will be typed into a Google document. You will have the link for this document, and access to it. This will allow you both to see anything that is being typed into it, live, and to add to it yourself. You are always involved in the process. The content of your file is carefully chosen and created to ideally support your Hebrew and your specific learning process.

I want to speak "Israeli"

Thanks! Talk to you soon!

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