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Students Say

Sonia-26-Intelligence analyst-Scotland

"Noya is an excellent teacher. She's great at understanding your language level and tailoring the lesson around that, so you are always pushed to improve but you never feel out of your depth. She also has an amazing knowledge of language and can explain the origins of many words, helping you to make connections you might not otherwise see. Noya uses her own materials in lessons, which are much more useful than a textbook, and she finds new ways to make classes and events interesting and enjoyable for her students. Highly recommend!"

Ira Perelman-42-Midwife-

"Noya's method simply works!

I came to Noya with the goal of turning my Russian accent into an Israeli accent.
I discovered a teacher who works in a unique method, and has professional and personal skills that are aimed at success. Noya's method provides continuous feedback and guidance and allows progress at the student's personal pace.

Her support and empowerment are incredible, and they helped to increase my confidence and self-belief, which were essential for reaching my goals.

Thanks to her guidance, tools and support, which she provides in abundance, my accent is becoming more and more Israeli day by day.

Additionally, thanks to her method, the cost for the student is low.

I recommend Noya with all my heart. She's a true professional".

Yasna Aksenova- 28- Project Manager-Russia

"Ulpanoya is ultimately the best place to learn Hebrew. Nowhere in Israel will you find a more professional, dedicated, charismatic, and caring  Hebrew teacher. Whether you are a beginner or you already have an advanced level, Noya will tailor the most suitable learning path for you and will support you all the way to perfection. 
By the moment I came to Israel I'd been teaching Hebrew for eight years, but was still lacking some knowledge of colloquial expressions and slang. My expectations were really high, but Noya exceeded all of them.  She has considerably enriched my vocabulary, cleaned my grammar, and corrected my pronunciation. And every lesson was pure fun and inspiration!
Noya is not only a great teacher. She is an incredible person and a talented musician. It is no exaggeration to say that this encounter changed my life".

Felipe Heller-33-economist, made Aliya in 2016

"After a year living in Israel and although having spent five months studying in a regular ulpan, I realized that I had to improve my Hebrew to further my absorption and to feel able to work in a Hebrew-speaking environment, so I started looking for recommendations in Facebook and found UlpanNoya.

Since the first email exchanges Noya was always very cute and sympathetic, and meeting her for my very first class just confirmed these impressions.

Noya makes her classes very interesting. We exercise both reading, writing, listening and speaking learning how Israelis speak - and how they should speak. She also listens to the students wishes, needs and concerns and then deal with them in class.

I’m very happy to see how my Hebrew has been improving in the months we are studying together and how I feel much more self-confident to face Israelis."

Gadi Gregorio Villalobos-36-Interpreter-oleh hadash-Peru

"I highly and warmly recommend Noya as a Hebrew teacher. As a language professional myself, I can say that she is among the best language teachers I have come across. She thoroughly prepares for each lesson and uses a variety of resources, so that her classes are truly tailor-made for the student. In my case, she is great at recognizing my specific weak points so that we can focus on them, and I have seen great improvement in my Hebrew. In addition, and no less important, she is friendly and full of life. Added to her passion for teaching, Hebrew classes with Noya are fun and effective".


"Thank you Noya, for my Hebrew accent!

Hebrew teachers are easy to find. But a teacher with such outstanding skills and approach, who knows how to pinpoint the source of a problem, shed a light on it to help you see it, (hear it…) and take you all the way with tons of patience, guidance and ample encouragement, there's only one. The one and only- Noya Einhorn.

I came to her about a year ago, because I wanted to get rid of my Arabic accent, and acquire a native Hebrew speaker accent.

We've been through so much together, and I've learned so much from her. She guided me closely and attentively starting from the very basics, and today I am proud to say that my accent has improved immeasurably. At the beginning there were so many things I wasn't even aware of! And together with Noya I started recognizing the nuances and the differences between how I pronounce things, and how a Hebrew speaker does. I became aware of vowel sounds that didn't exist for me before, I started noticing things like intonation and the music of the language, I managed to create sounds I absolutely wasn't able to before. And to think I came to Noya only because I thought my Resh sound wasn't good... (We fixed that at the very beginning 😊). Every success with Noya is celebrated with so much empowerment and joy. The little ones and the major breakthroughs. You always feel encouraged and motivated by her, and she gives you the feeling she won't stop until you reach your goals.

If you want to work with a super talented human being, that has an unbelievable ability to diagnose your accent issues, with amazing human relations skills, and endless patience, you've come to the right place.

Noya, I warmly recommend you"!

Hillel Avraham

I found Ulpanoya very helpful for improving and adapting my previously learned Hebrew to the language as it is spoken in modern Israeli society.

Noya's teaching style is customized to the specific needs of her students. She draws from a repertoire spanning both the formal rules of Hebrew grammar and familiarity with the everyday conversation styles, pronunciation, and slang, and she makes each of these practical and understandable. I feel that I was able to gain significant Hebrew conversation skills not covered in the standard ulpan and therefore recommend the lessons in addition to any other course you may be taking.

Jade-37-ESL teacher-UK

"I have been studying Hebrew with noya for a few months now and I can highly recommend her as a private Hebrew language teacher. Noya is a very thorough, considerate and patient teacher who put me at ease right from the start and is constantly encouraging me through my learning process. She is highly organised and puts a lot of meticulous care into her lessons. As a fellow teacher, I can honestly say that I am very impressed with my learning experience at UlpaNoya. Thank you Noya"!


"I was in two different ulpans before starting lessons with Noya and I want to say that Noya is the best teacher ever. My speaking level was improved from " shalom... mmm... mmm.... bye" to normal conversational level, also she helped me to understand future tense and other complex grammatical rules.

Noya is a very responsible and patient teacher. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience working with her. I highly recommend Noya for learning to speak Hebrew".

Daniella-31- HighTech- New York, New York, USA 

"My lessons with Noya are the most productive and efficient I have had while living in Israel. Each lesson is structured and purposeful. They serve as a building block to having a proper grasp on both the spoken and grammatical pieces of the language.

Noya has a unique ability and thorough methods to help retain the information provided. Her professionalism and patience is admired".

Anny-34-marketing consultant-Brazil

"Noya is a fantastic Hebrew teacher. She is goal oriented and tailors the classes according to your needs in a relaxed atmosphere. My focus was on reading at a higher level (newspapers, books, etc) and tweaking some of my constant grammar mistakes. I have to say that my grammar improved, my accent as well, and I started to read Ynet Hebrew version more often :P Thanks, Noya"!

Victoria Agiv- Romania- 32

"Noya is the best Hebrew teacher ever. I love her method, I love the way she explains grammar, so clear and so easy to understand and I love how she always knows how to explain the etymology of some words or expressions, which makes everything easier to understand and remember. She is the best. I recommend her from the bottom of my heart!"

Jinet Hason-36-english teacher-ola hadasha-Turkey

“Noya is a perfect teacher in all aspects. She teaches not only grammar but also spoken and slang Hebrew. Each lesson you go back home with a pack of flashcards of the new vocabulary and she makes sure you go over it at the end of every lesson. Each lesson is fun.She is a  true professional.”

Gunay Azadaliyeva-27-Spanish translator-Azerbaijan

"I loved learning Hebrew with Noya! She has excellent knowledge in Hebrew language whereby she clarifies all the appearing questions with such accuracy that leaves no question behind and sticks in your memory forever. Her teaching method is very organized and her after-class notes are so handy that helped me to catch up much more easily with the learned material. Discovering Hebrew language with Noya is a very enjoyable process!"

Rowena- Philippines

"Studying with Noya helped me gain confidence in speaking Hebrew. She focuses on how her students apply the lessons learned each time by having conversation. She provides handy flash cards for the words you don't know so you can study/memorize them wherever you are. She's always happy to answer any question, anytime, both during class and by Whatsapp (except when she's asleep of course. 😁) Studying the language may be difficult, but with Noya? It's comfortable, fun and interesting!"

Leila Nachmuly-architect-South Africa

"I've tried different ulpans and teachers and Noya is the best! She's super patient, has a great teaching method and with her you'll make huge progress in no time"

Vladia K-41-diplomat-Czech Republic

“Noya is an excellent  teacher. She is very  patient and always answers my questions about Hebrew very clearly and comprehensibly. I speak several languages and have had many language teachers in the past and I can say that Noya is one of the best teachers I have ever had.”

Susanna-31-Faroe Islands

"My Hebrew has vastly improved since I started private lessons with Noya. I've learnt more in 6 months than in the last 3 years. Her way of teaching is very structured. Because of this I finally understand the whole thing about studying the language by focusing on the 'binyanim' and root letters and evolving my vocabulary from there. The combination of grammar and practicing small talk never makes a class boring. I really like that we don't follow a book but rather focus on words and sentences that are useful to my private and professional life. Noya is excellent at understanding your level and forming the class based on that. Whether you are a beginner or need an extra boost to go from that aleph to bet to the sky, I highly recommend her.

Every shekel worth the investment."

Rebecca-26-medical student-USA

"Noya is a fantastic teacher. Most importantly, she always makes me feel comfortable even when I forget how to say something or stumble over my words. She speaks to me using a level of Hebrew that I can understand, and I always feel that I can stop her for clarification if I do not understand a word she says. Noya is extremely knowledgeable, and not only does she have answers to all of my questions, but she explains everything in a way that can be easily understood. Her teaching style is very organized and involves some repetition, which really helped me to remember the new vocabulary that I learned. Additionally, I felt that she really does teach how to speak like an Israeli. We went over different expressions that people commonly use, and she always makes sure to teach "proper" Hebrew, as well as the way that people actually speak in real life. She also makes an effort to personalize the way that she teaches and the vocabulary that we go over to my profession so that it would be relevant to my life. I have attended multiple Ulpans ranging from class sizes of 8-30, but nothing beats one-on-one teaching. I feel that I could learn just as much in one hour with Noya as I could in 4+ hours sitting in an Ulpan class.

Highly recommended!!!"

Masha Nikerman-30-Motion Designer-Russia

"Studying with Noya is a fantastic experience; it's a process that you build together, as partners: Noya is a very thoughtful teacher that always considers the student's pace and needs. Most importantly is that I'm getting not only Hebrew knowledge and practice during our lessons but also the understanding of Israeli culture, mentality, habits etc. Noya helped me to feel more confident in my day-to-day life here in Israel. It's very comfortable to speak to Noya, I never feel bad about mistakes I do, nor feel afraid of being misunderstood. After our lessons I know that if I can speak the whole hour with Noya, I can do it in my regular life as well!:)"

Ilana H.-33-librarian-Canada

"Noya is a fantastic teacher! I worked with her for several months on my spoken and written Hebrew, and I honestly can't believe how much I improved. Noya was absolutely instrumental in improving my self-confidence in speaking, helping me to develop my vocabulary, and giving me invaluable context into the cultural elements of everyday Hebrew. Noya's lessons are practical, fun, and dense with information. She has a deep understanding of pedagogy and her instructional techniques are well-considered and tailored to each student's needs. She is also one of the nicest and kindest people I have ever met. I would recommend her lessons to anyone wishing to improve their Hebrew"!

Mercedes Van Rentergem-28-Belgium

"Learning with Noya for over a year has improved my Hebrew a lot. She is patient and dedicated. She brings you tailor made classes, knows how she can teach you things in best ways, guides you to become better and listens to your needs. She is a great teacher but also a great person"!

Olya Motuzenko-25-Doctor-Ukraine

"This is the best language course I have ever taken! Noya is a true artist by all means. She takes you on a trip throughout the language and turns every class to a real adventure. Noya not only gives you fundamental knowledge and experience, but also a lot of insight and advice. She is one of the sweetest, most inspirational teachers I have met. Our zoom meetings were full of energy and interaction starting from the very first moment. Her experience and unique teaching methods makes her classes extremely helpful. Taking her class opened up so many doors for me and I definitely recommend Noya from UlpaNoya to all beginners and advanced Hebrew speakers.

P.S.: check her videos and subscribe for UlpaNoya on YouTube and Facebook "

Caterina Gustinelli-28-Veterinary surgeon-Italy

"I started taking lessons with Noya while studying for the Israeli state exam (veterinary medicine). She helped me trough all the process in so many ways until I finally succeeded, and it's a lot because of her! She's not only a highly professional teacher but also an amazing person. You'd be lucky to have her teaching you Hebrew!

  ":-) !!!תודה רבה נויה

Karen - 62 - university professor - Seattle, USA

"I was privileged to make Noya's acquaintance when I searched for a speech coach to help me with my Hebrew accent.  Although I am fluent in the language, my accent is foreign and quite a challenge to improve upon.  Noya rose to the occasion and analyzed the various errors in my pronunciation. (My specific difficulties concern vowels rather than consonants.)  The activities, exercises and homework definitely targeted my weaknesses and profoundly improved my pronunciation.  If you are looking for a native Hebrew accent coach with an excellent ear, I highly recommend Noya to get the job done"!

Maria-Jose Zadorojny Vilella-34-Kindergarten Assistant-5 years and a half in Israel-Spain

"Noya is the very very best Hebrew tutor I have ever had! She has a great understanding of the Hebrew language, a firm grasp on Hebrew grammar, and a vast knowledge of Hebrew vocabulary. I have been living here for 5 years, working at a British school; and so I feel like I am fully able to appreciate her teaching methods. Apart from her excellent experience as a Hebrew teacher, the other thing I value immensely is the fact that she treats you as a friend- thus making you feel welcome at her home and helping you gain confidence in speaking. She genuinely cares about her students and wants them (US) to do well and succeed. Two thumbs up for Noya! (I would say five thumbs up, but you would have to be an alien in order to have FIVE thumbs :-))".

Jon-36-Sales and Account Manager-London

“I cannot recommend Noya highly enough, she is the best teacher I've had since making aliyah (I've had a few).  She is flexible, patient, learner-centred and uses clear and structured methods of teaching.  You won't be disappointed”!

Todd Jarvis-33- flight attendant-New York, USA

“I had Noya as my Ulpan teacher and I strongly recommend her! She is a fantastic teacher and worked with me one-on-one during some intense sessions (all day 9-3:30) over the coarse of several weeks in order to push me to achieve my goals; not only is she a fantastic teacher, she is also a compassionate person who cares about me and my progress in the language and she wanted to see me achieve my goals as much as I did. She has a passion for the Hebrew language which is evident in the way she teaches. She is also extremely patient, nonjudgmental, and flexible in the way she teaches (she is open to switching the way she would discuss some topics if one approach wasn't working, or, would be willing to spend more or less time on teaching the background to certain aspects of the language depending on whether or not it helped me understand the content). I speak six languages and have had many language teachers in the past 20 years and I can say that she's up there with the best of the best. I fully recommend her without hesitation. Feel free to message me with questions if need be.”

Patricia S-51-Faculty, Center for Teaching and Learning-South Africa/USA.

"I arrived in Israel six months ago hardly able to read, write, or speak Hebrew.  As a teaching and learning specialist who speaks other languages, I began looking for a structured and innovative teacher who was skilled in teaching Hebrew language to adult learners.  I was surprised to discover that even though so many people teach Hebrew in Israel, it was challenging to find a tutor who understood how to teach.  From the moment I began my first trial lesson with Noya,

I immediately knew that I had found exactly who I needed!  Noya has a grounded and intuitive sense of how to tailor each class to my level, style, and pace of learning. She builds each lesson solidly and fluidly on each previous lesson. She expertly introduces new vocabulary and grammar into our conversation. She outlines clear guidelines for independent study, and she makes each lesson fun and interesting.  I highly recommend Noya both for learning Hebrew as well as for learning how to learn.  I am so grateful and delighted to have discovered Noya"! 


"After 5 months studying at a standard ulpan (with a class of 25 students from various countries), it has certainly helped having the one on one private structure with Noya. She is very patient and helpful with going through Hebrew in a clear, concise and structured way. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend for someone looking to improve their Hebrew! :)".


"It was, firstly, a big pleasure to learn with Noya. The feeling of obligation and slow learning that takes place once you're in a regular ulpan (important but not efficient) gives space to joy and fast learning! My improvement in just a few lessons was very significant. It is very nice to see what we learn is class being used on a daily basis, and hearing Israelis speaking the same way. And besides the knowledge of the language, she is a great person to be around and adjusts the classes based on the students' interests! 

Highly recommended!"

Sosanah-31-pharmacist-olah hadasha-hungary

"Hi my name is Sosanah, living in Israel for a year and half. I am a student of Noya for half year. Before Aliyah I didn't speak, write even read in Hebrew. After learning the basics in Ulpan - it was useful indeed, but not efficient enough - I was looking for a private teacher in order to focus on my needs.

Learning with a private teacher is always far more efficient than working on your own or in a group of 30 Olim. Thanks to Noya, I quickly made progress in speaking and writing. I feel more confident talking correctly  in Hebrew.

Noya has patience, good sense of humor, she is always well prepared. We learn in her nice home, also become friends. The lessons start with an ordinary talk – this is how I learn those words which I really need and not words from boring texts which I would never use – then we continue with grammar. Learning new phrases, practicing what she already taught me.

 I am very pleased with Noya, do not hesitate contacting her, she has just a few slots left ;-)".

Miriam Levy Heller- 29- confectioner, made Aliya in 2016, Brazil

"I’ve been Noya’s student for the last 8 months and can say without any doubts that our time together has helped me a lot with my Hebrew improvement and with my klitah to Israel (and it’s still helping). 

During our classes I not only learn the “right” Hebrew, but also learn how people actually speak on the street, being able to identify a lot of what I learn when I’m on my daily basis on the street’s of Tel Aviv.

The classes go easily and time flies, showing me that is a very enjoyable time! I also feel that they are well prepared according to my needs and interests, what makes me very satisfied as a student. 

I can’t express how happy and proud I feel every time I find myself having a conversation with Israeli’s in Hebrew and I’m sure that wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for my classes with Noya." 


"Already after 2 months with Noya teaching me, I felt a huge difference in my daily life in Israel.  Noya perfectly understands to balance the grammatical and conversational parts of learning a language. She gives you the right confidence to communicate in Hebrew and helps you to improve constantly".

Alex Lasky-25-Olah Hadasha-Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA

"Having gone through many Hebrew teachers, I was never comfortable speaking Hebrew with anyone. Whether in groups or one-on-one sessions, it was always uncomfortable for me because I didn't want to make a mistake. Noya was the first teacher I felt confident enough to have a conversation with and stumble across my sentences. She is always prepared with the next lessons and keeps track of my progress. She always doesn't bombard me with new vocabulary words, which makes it easy to deal with learning a new language. Additionally, the lessons are straightforward and very much at my speed. We review anything and lessons can be adjusted as we go. She's very patient and relaxed when it comes to learning a new language and makes the conversation flow easily. I truly appreciate the effort she puts into working with me and always seems to find time throughout the week to squeeze me in last minute! Overall, she makes learning a new language very enjoyable and easy to learn".

Fabiana-37-journalist, PR & press office and project  Manager-Italy

"My name is Fabiana, I am 37 and I have been living in Tel Aviv for 3 years. I work between Italy and Israel as free-lance journalist, PR & press office and Project Manager of Cultural Events. My fields of interest are art, design and food. I know I could manage to live in Israel without speaking Hebrew, but I do feel I want to be part of this crazy amazing society and you need to start from the language! I met Noya at the intensive Ulpan and it was ‘love at first sight’! Then I kept studying with her, taking private lessons. I am going to continue studying with her even in the future. She is so sweet and patient and professional and sympathetic. Learning with her is really interesting and fun. Her method is simple and effective. And she is super helpful and present even outside the frame of the lessons. You can really tell that she loves teaching and she cares about her students. Noya is the best!"


 "Noya is a brilliant teacher. Lessons are well-planned and tailored to the needs, and tastes, of each student. Noya's teaching methods are methodical and satisfying and her patience is very impressive"!

André Erlich-69–Paris, France

"When living in Paris I have decided to learn Hebrew (of which I knew absolutely nothing, not even a single letter). when I was well over 60 and although I’ve mastered 5 or 6 languages before, this one turned out to be a very tough challenge. I have started with an Ulpan in Paris, then private lessons and frankly, I would have accepted the defeat and gave up if I had not met Noya.

She’s an absolutely outstanding teacher – adapting to the level and abilities of the student, patient and encouraging but demanding at the same time, rigorous but flexible, serious but fun to work with. Noya looks for the best approach and does not hesitate to radically change the teaching method when necessary.

Frankly, I have never met before anybody so passionate and positive about teaching languages.

Each time we are in Israel, I try to have lessons face-to-face and I was somewhat skeptical about Skype but I must admit it works. Need to be more concentrated and focused but the challenge is worthwhile.

I am convinced that if I don’t learn Hebrew with Noya, I will not be able to learn it with anybody else.

So as long as her patience holds – I will persevere.

So whether one wants just to improve her/his Hebrew or stumble through the hurdles of the language, as I do, Noya will find the best approach and execute it flawlessly".

Michael Brode-24-Student and director of Intelligence for a private security firm-pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

"Noya Einhorn is great! She is very patient, kind, and does her best in getting the best out of the student. I highly recommend her if you really want to improve your Hebrew"!

Petra Zenou-62-translator-Paris- France

"The best Hebrew teacher I ever met, very professional and passionate  about her language and culture. Noya is such an enthusiastic person who loves her job and she knows how to motivate her students. It's a great pleasure learning Hebrew with her . המורה הטובה ביותר שפגשתי"

Irina-30-doctor- Germany

"I had 15 lessons of ulpan with Noya and I don't regret one of them. As I was working full time during my stay in Israel and thus time wise I didn't fit in any 'regular' Ulpan lessons, private lessons with Noya were my way to go to learn basic hebrew vocabulary, language understanding and sentence construction. Noya is a very easy going person and teacher. Although she has a learn goal and content for each lesson (which she lets you know in advance) the lessons are very individualized because of the one on one nature so that students are able to ask and influence each lesson as much as they want and ask as many questions as they have. Noya is a hebrew enthusiast and carries an exceptional passion for the roots that build the hebrew language. In her lessons she constantly tries to make the student understand the logic and context behind word roots and verb conjugations which helps a lot to ease the overpowering that is the hebrew language and alphabet, at least for beginners. Noya's flashcard system of repeating flash cards from the previous lesson, creating new ones throughout the ongoing lesson and repeating them at home as a constant, flexible homework has helped me remember hebrew words way easier than just reading them out of a big Ulpan book. 
Noya is a young and patient person, she is familiar with modern days' digital techniques and regularly conducts skype lessons with her students abroad or traveling which I think is very practical and, although contemporary in this day and age, still very rare to find. Because of the free and individual character of this Ulpan I am convinced that students of every stage of language knowledge, starting from absolute beginners to highly advanced students, can profit from this form of hebrew language course. 
I highly recommend Ulpan lessons with Noya".

Akvilė Ben Haim-32-Diamond Grader-Lithuania

"Noya is a great Hebrew teacher. You can really feel that she cares about her students (not only during the class itself but also outside of it) and listens to every student's needs. With Noya, I was able to reach my goal and become a much more confident Hebrew speaker. Thank you Noya ;)"


"I work full time in Hebrew so I would like to tone down my accent and speak clearly.

Noya helped me to speak Hebrew more accurately, to become aware of my mistakes in Hebrew letter sounds and consequently, nowadays I can easily identify different sounds of “Chet “ or “resh” for example than before seemed impossible to identify.

After starting classes with her, I feel more confident to express myself and understand the Hebrew language.

Noya is a super experienced teacher, attentive to the student's small mistakes and, in a didactic and creative way, she always finds ways to help him overcome difficulties (besides being an incredible person).

I highly recommend that you talk to her and explain your goals. I am sure that, like me, you will be happy with the result".

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